When compared to the rest of the year, men are actually the naughtiest over the winter holidays.

The fact that joyful holiday tunes are playing nonstop is not the reason the holiday season is referred to as the "most lovely time of the year." Even more than Halloween and Valentine's Day, Christmas is one of the undervalued holidays for getting laid and drunk. It's only a matter of time before someone you know is hooking up or passing out in the restroom, what with all the parties and alcohol. We learned exactly how guys spend Christmas engaging in inappropriate behavior, the majority of which they likely regret. To find out if you're included in these nasty results, scroll down.



  • During the holidays, American men really consume more alcohol than women. Men typically consume 3.6 drinks per day compared to women's 2.7 drinks per day.
  • 7.7% of males on average have acknowledged to passing out over the winter vacations.
  • Even more so than Valentine's Day, the winter holidays are currently the most well-liked time of year for having sex.
  • The week before Christmas saw a two-fold increase in condom sales compared to the week after.
  • The most common time of year for cheating is really around Christmas. At a holiday party, 57% of poll participants admitted to cheating with a coworker, and 46% said they continued the relationship even after the holidays.
  • The holidays are the busiest season for the use of sex toys, with 47% more people experimenting with sexy devices.
  • In reality, December is the month that sees the most sex-related penile trauma cases.
  • The top two professions most likely to make a connection with a coworker at the holiday party are IT (63%) and HR (56%)
  • John, Mike, Jim, Tom, and Matt are the most common male names that are most likely to cause trouble at the office holiday parties.
  • In comparison to women, men are 34% more likely to look for holiday-themed porn. Christmas pov, Christmas blowjob, and Christmas milf are the top 3 searches among guys.


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